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Snarky & funny sayings embroidery mask

Snarky & funny sayings embroidery mask

This face mask is 100% cotton, reusable with a solid reverse side and has elastic for the ears.  
Choose your fabric, size, thread color, and saying 

—Sorta sweet Sorta Beth Dutton 
—My RIGHTS are being infringed upon 
—Epstein didn’t kill himself ! 
—worn by FORCE not by FEAR 
—This is STUPID 
—Is 2020 OVER yet ? 
—This mask is USELESS 
—Thanks KAREN 
—BLINK if you want me
—My GOVENOR is stupid 
—Don’t make me REPEAT myself, History 
—Socialism Distancing 
—DEFEND the Police 

It is a double layer pocket mask which comes with one filter.  The filters are a 5 layer carbon filter & last about a week.  Extra filters may be purchased here on my website. Pick between average or large.  The average is 12.5” from elastic to elastic and fits most average size ladies and the large is 14” and fits men and some women with larger faces.  The masks are not returnable so please make sure to measure.  
**see filter info ** please note this is not as effective as an N95 mask.
Word color
Mask color
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