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The creation of the Hipperbib came out of a necessity for my own son when he was 2 years old.  At the age of 10 months he was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome which causes Ian to drool.  After searching for special need bibs, drool bibs, etc., with no luck, I did what any resourceful mom would've done & decided to create my own. I needed a bib that didnt' look like a bib, complimented his clothing, but was also functionable therefore maintaining his sense of dignity. The Hipperbib was created in 2006.  

Hipperbibs Features:

Triangle Shape 

Beautiful Individual chosen fabrics

Triple layer

Stay-dry middle liner to protect clothing

Solid Reverse side for 2 bibs in 1

Sturdy Snaps

Hand Made by me personally to order 

All sizes from Babies to Adults 

A variety of fabric absorbency 

Hipperbibs have been shipped all over the world from the US to Australia to even South Africa.  Order your Hipperbibs today. 

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