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I designed a kerchief style bib that is fashionable as well as functional.  

The creation of the Hipper Bib was designed for my son Ian.

IMG_7080Ian is 10 years old and is diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome which causes Ian to drool.  After searching for special needs bibs, drool bibs, and fashionable bibs, I decided to come up with a unique bib that had all of these features. I wanted a bib that would compliment his clothing and in turn would not draw attention to the fact that he was wearing a bib therefore, maintaining his sense of dignity. 

The Hipper Bib features:

  • A unique triangle shape, which when secured around the wearer's neck, creates a multitude of pockets and folds which captures and retains drool.
  • Each bib is constructed of three layers. The top layer is made with a variety of 100% cotton, cotton blends, and soft snuggle flannel patterns and solids (whichever bib you pick out. The middle layer is sandwiched between the two, which is the stay-dry layer which keeps the saliva, liquids, and food from soaking through to their underlying clothes and skin. The reverse side is a solid cotton color to match the front of the bib.  The bib is adorned along the edges with cotton trim.
  • The bib is attached to the wearer by criss crossing the corners around the back of the neck and securing with snaps. The snaps hold up wash after wash.
  • The bib is reversible creating two bibs in one, with a solid color for an additional wearer option. 
  • The bib may be laid out flat for quick drying. Machine wash on cold and tumble dry.
  • **** Hipperbibs are hand made to order...cut, pinned, trim ironed, sewn, snapped, and packaged. It can take up to 2 - 3 weeks to get in the mail depending on the amount of Hipperbib orders I have at the time. Please be patient, it will be worth the wait !

Bibs come in different absorbency. 

*Cotton, is a good soaking bib 
*Snuggle flannel fabric is better. 
*Terry Fabric is
the best soaker

The Infinity Hipperbib is a super chic', versatile bib for children, teens, and adults to capture drool in style. 
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  •  *** Bibs come in 5 sizes

  • Small, snap placement is 15" & fits infants to age 2
    • Medium, snap placement is 18", & fits children ages 2-4
    • Large, snap placement is 19", & fits children 5-8
    • X-Large, snap placement is 20", & fits children 9-13
    • Adult, snap placement  I will have to have you email me after you place your order for snap placement.

    **If ordering Adult sizes *****You have to click on "adult sizes add $2" and add in the quantity section how many adult bibs you ordered and then e-mail me after placing your order so I can verify measurements for snap placement.

    If you're still not sure about the size, add an extra set of snaps for $1.50 to lengthen the use of your bib.

    Take a look and browse my current selection for boys, girls, or both, if you don't find what you're lookin' for keep checkin' back.  I'll be continually adding new creations.

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www.angelman.org  Angelman Syndrome Foundation (US)

www.angelmancanada.org    Canadian Angelman Syndrome Society

http://www.international.angelmansyndrome.org/  IASO- International Angelman Syndrome Organisation

www.angelman.org/listserv.htm    My online support group! A listserv you can subscribe to, that has parents, caregivers, and some health care professionals from all over the world.  This list is amazingly supportive, and extremely informative. After I joined this group, I no longer felt alone. Highly recommended.

www.armyofangels.org    Run by a devoted Angel dad, this site contains a lot of information related to AS.

www.sheldonhickey.com    A touching site dedicated to their young Angel daughter Maggie. Includes details of Maggie's life and diagnosis, as well as some valuable links about AS.

http://asclepius.com/forums/forums.shtml    Angelman Syndrome message board

http://asclepius.com/angel/ntabcont.html    Information on Angelman Syndrome from families and professionals.

http://www.angelmanforum.org     A web forum for AS parents and caregivers.

www.bbfs.yolasite.com Blessed Beginnings, helping parents of special needs children

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